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As its title suggests UK Transport covers all aspects of transport in the UK. It is written from a libertarian perspective, in other words, that the less the State involves itself in the running, regulation or funding of roads, railways or anything else - the better.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Billions of Blue Blistering Bendy Buses

Actually they're not blue, they're red. But they are coming to a road near you (if you live in London). All sorts of the great and the good eg. Ken, Transport for London, the Bus Users' Group etc think it's a really good idea.

Which makes me suspicious. Of course, I can't tell because I know little about buses and it is extremely difficult to evaluate these things especially in the topsy-turvy world of state economics.

There was one line that got my goat:
"The driver can see the whole length of the bus rather than relying on a restricted view of the upper deck through mirrors. This makes the buses less vulnerable to vandalism and also helps passengers feel safer."
You see, my feeling is that potential vandals should live in such fear of the probability and consequences of being caught that they would never dare try. I do not know whether the decision to abolish of one of London's finest traditions was tipped by the vandalism factor but I hate to think that it was. We must stop these people - not run away from them.